Q: What is Dirtboots Holidays and How are you different from other players?

No Pre-Packaged Tours - We are one of India’s only companies to give a personalised solution based on the client’s interest via consultation with in-house team. The focus is on offering customized packages with open & transparent pricing and controlling fulfilment, thus, providing the best customer experience for the traveller.

Quality Supply - We have handpicked top service providers in various regions across India and the World to craft a memorable vacation. Why don’t you check out our testimonials and reviews?

Q: Local travel agents take 2-3 days to give me a customized itinerary. How do you do it so fast? And, can I trust your pricing?

We have partnered with the leading Travel companies across the World as shown on our Homepage and are certified by various tourism boards across the world. This gives us an excellent inventory and the recognition to plan hassle-free travel.

Q: You are a young company, how do I trust you with my yearly break?

Yes, we are relatively young when you put us on the map of trending travel companies. But, do you know that our In-house team has prior experience of 3+ years in the travel industry? Having worked with leading Travel companies of the world gives us a fair share of the knowledge and advantages while planning both domestic/International vacations.

Also, 98% of our travellers have rated us 5 stars, that should say something about the good work we intend to do. We could go on, but we would rather you read reviews from genuine travellers like you here.

Before Booking - International Travel

Q: What are the documents I need to submit to initiate booking?

Keep your passport copies handy.

Q: I want to check visa requirements before I confirm and pay. How do I do that?

We encourage you to understand all visa requirements as it’s one of the most time-consuming processes on a phone-call/ texts with Visa team.

Q: What are the passport requirements for international travel?

Your passport needs to have a validity of 6 months from the date of arrival back into the country. There should have not been any observations made on your passport.

Q: Can I freeze my rates once I have finalized the itinerary due to changing flight prices?

Yes, you can! The payment policies has been given in detail here

Q: Do I need to have booking confirmations for initiating visa documents?

Depending on the country you are visiting, you may or may not need flight and hotel vouchers for your visa application.

Q: Will you be helping me with Visas as well?

Yes, we will assist you with your visa documentation for a fee. This is to ensure that your documentation is done right and you have got all the proofs required. Do keep in mind that the issuance of visa is solely based on the visa assessing officer! We cannot guarantee visa issuance.

Q: What happens once I have made the payment?

Once you have made the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation.You will then receive a confirmation email of all your bookings and various booking vouchers within 48 hours.

Q: What is the cancellation policy once payment is done?

We understand your travel plans may change. With that in mind, Dirtboots Holidays has a very standard cancellation policy as below.Though our service charges are Non-refundable in some cases, we try our level best to minimise the losses.


The cancellation policy of Flights is determined by the Airline that you have booked with and our cancellation policy will mirror the same.


All hotel cancellations are basis hotel cancellation policy mentioned in the vouchers. Any refunds or cancellations are subject to this policy.


The cancellation policy of Trains are determined by the Train company that you have booked with and our cancellation policy will mirror the same.

Activities and Transfers

All activities and transfers cancellations are basis their own cancellation policy mentioned in the vouchers/itinerary PDF. Any refunds or cancellations are subject to their policy.

Visa, Insurance, Planning fees and other taxes

No refund shall be provided for the same upon cancellation.

After Booking

Q: What happens if I want to change activities after I have confirmed?

Cancellation of any activities is based on the cancellation policy stated on the voucher. If it is feasible and there is availability in the new activity that you want, you can ask us to change the same.

During Travel

Q: How can I get in touch with you during the vacation?

You can reach out to us on the dedicated support number you receive from us along with the travel vouchers. In times when we are not available, you will be able to reach either or local partners or the direct activity provider mentioned in the email.

Q: Who can help us with emergencies when we miss the flight or lose baggage? ?

It is always best to get in touch with the airline people directly to get a quick solution. You can also reach out to us through the support group or call the emergency number.

Q: How do we handle emergencies when we lose our passports??

You can either lodge a police complaint or call up the embassy to figure out a better solution.

For Domestic Trips

Q: How do I book a trip from you?

You can submit your request on our website/Social Media pages / WhatsApp to book a trip. Our sales team will prepare an itinerary for your trip & provide you the best quotes in response to your request. You can choose the one that suits you the best and book your trip by making the payment.

Q: I have posted a request for a trip, What do I do now?

You don't have to do anything now! Our Sales team will reach out to you within 2 hours. Also, you will be provided multiple quotes as per your wish, if needed. Post this, you can fine-tune your itinerary along with our sales team and craft an awesome customized holiday for yourself!